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[Hall service]
Monthly salary: 255,000 - 350,000 <245,000 - new graduates from 2nd year vocational school, junior college, and four universities > Mid-career recruitment will be considered depending on experience
Holidays: 8 days a month shift system, year-end and New Year holidays, summer vacation, paid vacation
Bonus: twice a year
​Salary increase: Once a year
​Working hours: 10-hour shift system between 10:00 and 23:00 (2-hour break)
​ Application qualifications: None
・We welcome the challenge of people with no experience in restaurant or customer service.
・Preference given to those with customer service experience (cafe, izakaya, apparel, etc.)
・Welcome to sommelier qualifications such as JSA and WSET (100 types of wine, 20 types offered by the glass)

​ Job details: Customer service as a waiter, bartender, sommelier, or receptionist, drink menu planning, operation planning, part-time training, depending on desire and aptitude.
*Depending on your wishes and aptitude, we will also offer you a career as a manager, a career as a field specialist, and back office work.

Salary example: 26 years old/Waiter (mid-career hire, no customer service experience at the time of joining, aspiring sommelier) annual income: 3.8 million yen
    1st year with the company, 22 years old / Waiter (new graduate, culinary school graduate, deputy manager candidate) Annual income: 3.4 million yen
     5 years with the company, 38 years old / Bartender (mid-career hire, experience serving customers at a bar, responsible for purchasing beverages for the entire company) Annual income: 5.2 million yen

【part-time job】
Hourly wage: 1,300~ Salary increases at any time, depending on ability (training period 100h/1,100~)
Holidays, working hours: Preferred shift system starting from 3 days a week
Application requirements: No experience or qualifications required
Job details: Work as a waiter, bartender, receptionist, etc., depending on desire and aptitude.


We are entertainers set in restaurants.

Not only ``cooks'' and ``servers,''

We are looking for people who will continue to create further value for the restaurant business together with us.

You are always welcome to be our member!

​We are recruiting for the following positions, both part-time and full-time.


Please feel free to contact us at

Store tour upon request

We also provide individual support for company information sessions, etc.

manager candidate
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