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There is a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown that New Yorkers who don't like waiting in line have to wait in line for 30 minutes or even an hour. It was in 1994, when I was living in New York, that I heard such rumors.  
It was there that I came across an exquisite soup dumpling with a rich crab miso flavor. I quickly became a fan of the restaurant and ended up lining up dozens of times. Then, I started to think, "I want to spread this deliciousness to Japan."  
15 years later, the taste of  "Joe's Shanghai New York", which has been kept secret until now, can finally be tasted in Japan.  

What I wanted to spread to Japan was not only the taste of soup dumpling and many people to experience the comfort of the friendly and hospitable service that I encountered during my long-term life in New York.  


It's not only the taste of soup dumpling, but also the luxurious interior, charming suggestions from the waiters, delicious food and wine. "Joe's Shanghai" is a brand packed with New York's fun dining culture.

​ It has been 15 years since its founding. Our team will always keep updating so that you can have a wonderful time. ​​

CEO/Representative Director

​ Takanori Umeno

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