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◆About an age restriction:

We regret to inform you that pre-school children are not allowed at the Ginza location. Thank you for your understanding.

◆Regarding seat selection:

[Main dining area] We do not accept a specific seat's selection.

We will do our best to accommodate your request for seat allocation.

The allocation will change depending on the congested day or time, so

please understand in advance that we cannot guarantee it.

◆ About reservations:
[Main dining] You are able to reserve all courses and the limited courses in advance. Alternatively, you can freely choose a la carte or course from the grand menu after coming to the Ginza location with a seat reservation only.

[Private room, semi-private room]

The Ginza location has private rooms that can accommodate up to 30 people.

Each private room is separated by a sliding partition, allowing you to customize the layout according to your desired  group size. Please note that selecting course is mandatory. 

Thank you for your understanding in advance.

It can be confirmed according to the number of reservations for each course below.

We do not charge a private room fee, but if there are vacancies in any of the rooms, we will guarantee a private room or semi-private room if the minimum number of people for each course describe below.


[Private room Dinner time]

・Seasonal Taste 6280 yen → 5 people or more

・Joe's Medley 9800 yen → 4 people or more

・Chef's Choice Specialty 12,500 yen → 4 people or more

・Joe's Magnificent Course 18,000 yen → 3 people or more

・Joe's Party  7700 yen→5 people or more

・Joe's Premium 12,000yen→4 people or more


[Private room Lunch time]
・Joe's Lunch Premium 4980 yen 
→ 4 people or more

・JOE'S Special Course 3100 yen → 4 people or more

・Soy-Braised shark fin set 3,380 yen → 4 people or more

[Semi-private room dinner time]

・Seasonal Taste 6280 yen → 5 to 6 people

・Joe's Medley 9800 yen → 4 to 6 people 

・Chef's Choice Specialty 12,500 yen → 4 to 6 people

・Joe's Magnificent Course 18,000 yen → 3 to 6 people

・Joe's Party  7700 yen→5 to 6 people 

・Joe's Premium 12,000yen→4 to 6 people

[Semi-private room lunch time]
・Joe's Lunch Premium 4980 yen → 4 to 6 people

・Joe's Special Course 3100 yen → 4 to 6 people

・Soy-Braised shark fin set 3,380 yen → 4 to 6 people

<Seats only>

The minimum charge in Semi-private room is more than 12,000 yen in total. If the amount is less than the minimum price , we will charge the difference.

From the link below, you can make a web reservation after specifying a private room
or semi-private room.
After selecting your preferred seat type from the [Private room] and [Semi-private room] categories, you can make a reservation for the specified seat type only in the displayed plan.
Please note that we cannot guarantee availability even if you call us.

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